What are we good at

PR & Comunications

Our PR, Communications & Brand Activation strategies always aim to increase the Word-of-Mouth for your brand.

Brand identity & Product Design

Our skilled & creativity set of Design & Brainstorming team are well equipped to create a unique identity for your brand.

Digital Campaigns & Social Media

We are experienced & highly creative in formulating a unique strategy for your business, every single time. Social Media? We all drive the Social Media Strategy to utilize the Storytelling strategy to gain a dedicated community around your business to create loyalty and make your brand the End-Users Want.

IT Solutions

E-Commerce, Mobile Apps or POS & Logistical IT Solutions, all provided In-House by Pravda Studio.



PR & Communications

Our Professional Communications team is well capable of carrying out all your PR needs. From monthly Press Releases to complete Activation Campaigns, Pravda Studio is well prepared to drive a dedicated communications strategy to increase the Word-of-Mouth for your business.


Brand identity & Product Design

Our experienced designers & a creative brainstorming team are always ready & excited to develop and bring to life a brand of your creation. Our Product Design Strategy always aims to deliver the most beneficial prototype of your product.



Digital Campaigns & Social Media

With shrinking screens & shorter attention span, we always aim to drive a unique campaign strategy which will focus on increasing your Brand Awareness and grow the Demand for your product.

Our Social Media team will always focus on delivering your experience which will focus on a Pull-Strategy for your Product Growth.


IT Solutions

From a complete Online E-Commerce store to an internal IT requirement, Pravda Studio  has everything you need. Our In-House IT professionals are well experienced to create any IT Solution you require. E-Commerce, WordPress or Integrated POS & Logistics system, we have it all ready for your taking.




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